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about us

VeRoTrends is an internet project born from the crazy idea of two young Italian guys, Davide and Miriam, who, in the boredom of university and everyday life, tried to create something of their own: a book.


It all started with a simple book.


In less than two weeks, they sold over 2,900 copies, topping Amazon charts in many different categories and markets.


That book no longer exists, but what remains is VeRo.



VeRo was born in a playful way from the union of our two nicknames, Dave and Miro, but the real meaning is hidden in the Italian word "vero", which means true, real, concrete, consistent.


It perfectly reflects the principles we want to convey.


The suffix Trends derives from the fact that all our products and services are actually "trendy", but when combined with VeRo, it becomes an ode to the pursuit of what we like, what catches our eye, and also to what can be a vehicle of true emotions.


INNOVATION: the continuous search for experimentation and promotion of new technologies that can improve the company itself, our products and services, and the experience of our customers;


INTEGRITY: we commit to maintaining high standards of integrity and ethics, respecting both customers and our employees and collaborators;

High Fives

DIVERSITY & INCLUSION: VeRo promotes diversity, inclusion, respect for cultural differences, gender, age, and sexual orientation of its employees/collaborators, but also of its customers;


TRANSPARENCY: we commit to being transparent in our actions, providing clear and precise information to our employees/collaborators and our customers.


Our goal is to create an internet company focused on continuous innovation and expansion in various fields, from physical and digital products to services.


We will entrust each area to professionals who are experts in their own field, preferring to create jobs for young people who, like us, have enormous potential but are held back by the social context in which they live and the dogmas that are implanted in us from birth.


What we promise to our customers is that the evolution and growth of the VeRo project will never diminish the value of our ideas; on the contrary, with the help of a team of experts, the quality will increase day by day.

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